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April 2011 Meeting

The April 2011 meeting will be held on Monday, April 11th from 6pm – 8pm at TechColumbus.    For the April meeting, we are very happy to have Michael Collier & Samidip Basu present on how Windows Azure and Windows Phone 7 play together.  Please see below for additional details on the presentations.

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Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure – A Match Made in the Cloud

Mobile platforms such as Windows Phone 7 are the rising stars of consumer and enterprise computing.  In order to be successful, mobile applications need to be highly scalable and able to consume data from any location at any time.  The Windows Azure Platform is well-suited to provide the scalable compute and storage services for mobile applications and devices.  The Windows Azure Platform provides a friendly REST-based API and comfortable development environment, as well as a scalable infrastructure well-suited for mobile applications and devices.  In this session we will explore how easy it is to leverage Windows Azure’s compute, storage, and Content Delivery Network services for your next great Windows Phone 7 application.  We will also see how easy it is use Push Notifications from the cloud.  Finally, we will wrap up with a look at how easy it is to consume OData feeds from SQL Azure on the Windows Phone platform.  Coming away from this session you will have a solid understanding of how Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure are a great couple – a match made in the cloud!


Michael Collier (@MichaelCollier) is a Windows Azure MVP, and is an Architect with Centric Consulting in their Columbus, Ohio office. He has nearly 10 years of experience building Microsoft-based applications for a wide range of clients. Michael spends his days serving as a developer or architect – helping clients succeed with the Microsoft development platform. He gets very “geeked up” about any new technology, tool, or technique that makes his development life easier. Currently he is working as an Application Architect with a major national automobile insurance provider where he is helping to build out many new e-commerce offerings. Michael spends most of his spare time reading technology blogs and exploring new development technologies. He is also an avid golfer and attempts to be good at shooters on the Xbox 360. Previous speaking engagements include Central Ohio Day of .NET, Central Ohio .NET Developers Group, and multiple Windows Azure Boot Camp events.

Samidip Basu (@samidip) is a technologist & gadget lover working for Sogeti out of the Columbus Unit. Having worked on the WP7 platform from its early CTP days, he now spends much of his time in spreading the word to discover the full potential of the Windows Phone platform & cloud-based mobile solutions in general. His spare times call for world travel and culinary adventures with the wife.


March 2011 Meeting Announcement

The March 2011 meeting will be held on Monday, March 14th from 6pm – 8pm at TechColumbus.  For the March meeting, we are very happy to have Bill Sempf present on Economics of the Cloud.  Please see below for additional details on the presentation.

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Return on Investment is key for large and small organizations in these risky times. A key mitigator of ROI risk is the avoidance of capital expenditure on IT infrastructure. While traditional Application Service Provider style hosting services do fit this bill, there is a new service on the horizon that has key benefits over the ASP model – cloud computing. Cloud computing leverages virtualized resources to isolate the developer and user from details of the infrastructure, while spreading infrastructure capital expenses over a large number of hosted applications. Bill will discuss the realities of hosted applications, including the current popular ASP models, and compare them to cloud computing. There will be an overview of cloud computing architecture and strategy. He will end with a comparison of various commercial cloud services, including Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.


Bill Sempf is an enterprise architect. In 17 years of professional experience he has participated in the creation of well over 200 applications for large and small companies and managed the software infrastructure of two internet service providers. He is the author of Visual Basic for Dummies (2008 and 2005) and has contributed to numerous other publications. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and has several professional certifications.


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