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November 2011 Meeting Announcement

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

The November 2011 meeting will be held on Monday, November 14th from 6pm – 8pm at TechColumbus.  We are pleased to have Jared Faris joining us this month!

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NoSQL in the cloud.  Costs, benefits, and opportunities of two trendy technologies.


Most people in IT by now should at least be aware of cloud computing.  At some point they likely heard about NoSQL as well although they may have moved on thinking it’s for “Big Data” aka “Not Us”.  If that’s you and you are thinking about moving new or existing apps to the cloud it might be time to rethink NoSQL.

In this talk we’ll look at why you might want to use a NoSQL solution instead of, or alongside a more traditional SQL database (MS, Oracle, etc).  We’ll look at the kind of experience you can get using the built in NoSQL tools cloud providers can give you as well as how you can craft more custom solutions using third party tools like MongoDB.  We’ll talk about complexity, cost, and explore a few setups that you can use to solve different problems


Jared Faris is a developer at a new startup currently called Sprout.  It’s really cool but he can’t tell you about it yet.  His portfolio includes everything from ERP systems for huge manufacturing companies, to media marketing tools for much smaller consumer oriented companies.  He’s a member of the Columbus .NET and Ruby communities and doesn’t feel the least bit bad about being in either.
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