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Learn Windows 8 at a Windows 8 Developer Camp

You know it is coming.  You have seen the fresh new interface.  You have talked about the things you like, and maybe the things you don’t like.  But, have you tried to write an application for it?

It is time to change that.  Coming to Columbus on Thursday, April 26th is a Windows 8 developer camp.  This promises to be a great opportunity to get hands-on experience developing an application for Windows 8.

To learn more, and sign up for this free, full day event, just click here

Additional Windows 8 Developer Camps

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March 2012 Meeting

March 3, 2012 1 comment

The March 2012 meeting will be held on Monday, March 12th from 6pm – 8pm at TechColumbus.

Bill Klos from Centric Consulting will be joining us this month to talk about building cloud applications and risk mitigation strategies.  Please continue to tell your friends about COCCUG! They can find us on Twitter at  Please RSVP for meetings via

We are happy to have Halcyon Solutions joining us this month as a sponsor!

NOTE: 3/6/2012 – The topic has recently changed.  Below is the updated topic.

Topic: I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

Abstract: Cloud applications involve a lot of moving parts. Sometimes those parts are from the same vendor with names like Amazon or Microsoft and sometimes they are put together with products with funny names and weird logos. We will look at a project that is taking the latter of those two approaches and what that means from a technical perspective (how the pieces fit together and mitigation strategies for when a piece fails) as well as from a business perspective for important things like expected billing. No Microsoft products will be harmed during the presentation. There will be code, and there will be helicopters.

Speaker: Bill Klos is a Senior Architect for Centric Consulting and part of Centric’s Innovation & Research group.  He has a bizarre affinity for fixed-width fonts and anything that has an “i” in front of it.
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