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August Meeting Announcement

The August COCCUG meeting will be on Monday, August 12th from 6pm – 8pm at Improving Enterprises (One Easton Oval, Suite 175, Columbus, OH 43219).  We are honored to welcome Alex Suttmiller to COCCUG.  Alex will share his experiences working with “big data” in the cloud.

Please continue to tell your friends about COCCUG! They can find us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/coccug and also at www.meetup.com/coccug. Please RSVP for meetings via www.meetup.com/coccug.

We are pleased to continue to have Halcyon Solutions joining us this month as a sponsor! Thank you!

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The advent of big data and the cloud have fundamentally changed the nature of IT. Development of cloud technology has incorporated existing scalable software in order to aggregate, transform, and manipulate virtually endless streams of information. As the technology matures, cloud-based services will play an eminent role in exploring and leveraging data from a rich ecosystem of consumer devices, sensor technologies, existing sources, and more. Many products have been introduced to facilitate the development of a wide array of business applications in the cloud. One such product, Microsoft HDInsight, is billed as a means to “Process, analyze, and gain new insights from Big Data […]”

In this presentation, we will present a working demonstration of HDInsight followed by an open discussion on the technology



Alex Suttmiller is a consultant at QSI. He studied scientific data visualization at the Ohio State University, where he learned several techniques to explore both structured and unstructured data for the generation of substantive metrics. Other interests include system design and interaction. Creating immersive and intuitive user experiences is a natural extension to exploring and presenting data in the most elegant and meaningful way possible. To relax he enjoys spending time with his dog Rommie, a passion for coffee, time on the water kayaking, and spending time with friends.

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