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August 2014

The August 2014 COCCUG meeting will be on Monday, August 11th from 6pm – 8pm at Improving Enterprises (One Easton Oval, Suite 175, Columbus, OH 43219click here for an aerial view). For this month’s meetup we’re excited to welcome Vince Fabro and Nick Martin to talk with us about one of the hottest technology buzzwords – “Internet of Things”.

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Meeting Topic: Architecting the Internet of Things (Vince Fabro & Nick Martin)

There is undoubtedly a lot of hype around the Internet of Things, with a flood of products and services coming to market. Examples range from devices for tracking personal activities, to monitoring your home, your car, your business, or even the world. So how do these work behind the scenes? In this presentation we’ll discuss a real-world activity tracking system in detail: how it is designed and architected using various cloud components, and how its architecture has evolved over time so that it can scale for higher capacity at a lower cost. We will also discuss the many lessons learned along the way, as well as plans for the future

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