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October 2015 Meetup

The October 2015 COCCUG meeting will be on Monday, October 12th from 6pm – 8pm at Improving Enterprises (One Easton Oval, Suite 175, Columbus, OH 43219). This month we welcome Shawn Wallace to share insights into how event-driven architecture is a key component to successful cloud-hosted solutions.

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Abstract: Distributed  Event-Driven Architecture

In doing an initial design of a new system, the question seems to be Monolith first or Microservices first. It is hard to decide. Should you start with a monolithic approach and move to microservices or start with microservices from the beginning? What if all or portions of your application are cloud deployed? There is well reasoned content on both sides, so how can you make an informed decision?  In this talk we take a deep look at modeling entire software systems in terms of producing and consuming system events and using that modeling approach to drive the initial architecture.

Event-driven architecture is a versatile approach to designing complex software systems. These systems tend to be easier to model for an organization as EDA embraces Conway’s Law and can often be modeled as a finite-state machine. Event-driven architecture is not a new concept, but as more organizations contemplate cloud and microservices, this approach to system design has become appropriate in more situations.

<optional>In this talk we’ll:

• Introduce event-driven architecture

•  Compare EDA, monolithic and other service centric designs

• Model a retail system as a finite-state machine

• Look at a sample implementation of a retail system


Speaker Bio:  Shawn Wallace is an Architect and National Application Development Service Offering Lead with Centric Consulting. Shawn is a former U.S. Marine Infantryman, enjoys all things tech, learning new things, building things, shooting sports and his family.  He and his family lives in Grove City, Ohio. (http://centricconsulting.com/shawn-wallace/)

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