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COCCUG is Shutting Down

It is with sadness that I must announce that after 5 years, the Central Ohio Cloud Computing User Group (COCCUG) is shutting down.

COCCUG has had a good run. While looking back over the list of speakers that have volunteered their time and energy, I’m forever grateful. There have been great topics on Azure, AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud, JElastic, and more.

The original goal for COCCUG was to have a user group that was cloud platform agnostic – to learn about as many platforms as possible in an attempt to better the understanding of cloud computing. In some ways that worked, in many ways it didn’t. The group had too many sessions on the Azure platform. The group was slowly turning into an Azure user group, yet the group’s mission was to be agnostic.

I’m also forever grateful to the two venues that graciously hosted COCCUG – TechColumbus (now known as Rev1 Ventures), and Improving Enterprises. They provided a home for the group and often food as well. Thank you!

What’s next? COCCUG is transforming into the Central Ohio Azure user group, or just COAzure for short. While COCCUG’s mission was to learn about a wide range of cloud computing platforms, COAzure is specifically focused on the Microsoft Azure platform.

To learn more about COAzure, please visit http://coazure.org or follow on Twitter (@COAzureUG).

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