2015 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
1/12/2015 No Meeting
2/9/2015 Michael S. Collier Introduction to Azure DocumentDB
3/9/2015 Michael S. Collier Introduction to Azure API Management
4/13/2015 No Meeting
5/11/2015 Michael S. Collier What’s New in Microsoft Azure – BUILD and Ignite 2015
6/8/2015 Brian Sherwin Building Business Apps with Azure Mobile Services
7/13/2015 No Meeting
8/10/2015 Michael S. Collier  Field Guide to Azure Resource Groups
9/14/2015 John S. Farhat  To Cloud or Not To Cloud…
10/12/2015 Shawn Wallace  Distributed Event Driven Architecture (** tentative **)
11/9/2015 Greg Steinmetz  BI in Real-time Using Cortana Analytics (** tentative **)
12/14/2015 T.B.D.

2014 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
1/13/2014 Mark Greenway MongoDB on Azure for Devs
2/10/2014 Mike Wood Automating Windows Azure with PowerShell
3/10/2014 Bill Klos Docker: When You Want the Cloud, but Don’t Want to Pay for It
4/14/2014 Jared Faris Using Windows Azure Websites for Building Easy Websocket Messaging Services
5/12/2014 Michael Ducy Automating Azure with Chef
6/9/2014 Dennis Burton Azure Web Sites – Deep Dive
7/14/2014 Matt MiddendorfJared FarisRaja ChandupatlaMichael Collier Novel Cloud Services SecurityYammer OverviewSAP Migration to a Virtual Machine (Private Cloud)What’s New in Azure – BUILD and TechEd Edition
8/11/2014 Vince FabroNick Martin Architecting the Internet of Things
9/8/2014 Michael S. Collier Inside Azure Resource Manager
10/13/2014 Bill Klos T.B.D.
11/10/2014 Craig Stuntz Azure Machine Learning (** Tentative **)

2013 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
1/14/2013 Ron Savoia Windows Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networking
2/11/2013 Pete Gordon Google Cloud
3/11/2013 Jared Faris So There’s this Amazon Thing
4/11/2013 John Valentine Working with JElastic
5/13/2013 Michael S. Collier Taking Control of Your Windows Azure Services
6/10/2013 Michael S. Collier & Group Discussion Windows Azure TechEd RecapCloud Victories – Cloud Defeats
7/8/2013 Josh Harrison The Business Case for Cloud
8/12/2013 Alex Suttmiller HDInsight
9/9/2013 Chris Westra I Can Make an App for That: Heroku for Fun and Profit
10/14/2013 Michael Ducy Getting Cloudy with Chef
11/11/2013 Alex Moore Riak in the Cloud
12/16/2013 Holiday Party Something Special!!

2012 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
1/9/2012  Michael S. Collier  What’s New in Windows Azure
2/13/2012  David Landreman  Building a Cloud Application with Amazon AWS
3/12/2012  Bill Klos  I Love It When a Plan Comes Together
4/9/2012  Michael S. Collier  Scaling Your Database with SQL Azure Federations
5/14/2012  Mike Wood  Windows Azure
6/11/2012  Ron Savoia  Office 365
7/9/2012  Ryan Dunn  Windows Azure Diagnostics
8/13/2012  David Landreman  Amazon AWS
9/10/2012  Bill Klos  Where the plan came together, and where it didn’t
10/08/2012  Josh Harrison  What’s New in Windows Azure
11/12/2012  Brian Prince  BUILD Recap and Windows Azure Tips & Tricks
12/10/2012  Travis Smith  Jack (or Java) and the Bean Stalk

2011 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
2/15/2011* Michael S. Collier Introduction to Cloud Computing / Cloud 101
3/14/2011 Bill Sempf Economics of the Cloud
4/11/2011 Michael S. Collier Windows Azure + Windows Phone 7
5/9/2011 Michael S. Collier What’s New in Windows Azure
6/13/2011 Brian Prince Architectural Patterns for the Cloud
7/11/2011 Larry Beall Running PHP Applications on Windows Azure
8/8/2011 Bill Klos Heroku and Cloud Foundry
9/12/2011 Monish Nagisetty Extending the Reach of BizTalk 2010
10/10/20111 Dennis Burton Windows Azure Migration: From the Ground Up
11/14/2011 Jared Faris  NoSQL and Windows Azure
12/19/2011 COCCUG & COWPUG Holiday Party

* 2/15/2011 is a Tuesday.

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